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Lower Back Pain

No matter what your day to day life looks like, lower back pain can make even the smallest tasks seem difficult. Dr. Tieri and his professional staff at Total Spine Health and Injury Center, serving Plymouth and Maple Grove, MN, can help you achieve solutions to this painful challenge.

“At Total Spine, I’ve finally found a chiropractor I can trust.”


– Vilma H.

“THIS is my chiropractic home and I recommend them very highly.”


– Julie S.

“I have not had a single tension headache in over a month – since my first adjustment.”


– Jenna B.

“Dr. Tieri is awesome, he knows what he’s talking about and really cares.”


– Steph M.

Lower Back Pain Q & A

What Are the Common Causes of Lower Back Pain?

If you feel a constant ache or pain that seems to radiate in the lower half of your back, you are probably wondering what is causing your body this stress. More often than not, Dr. Tieri finds that the root cause of this discomfort comes from a muscle or ligament strain or sprain. Twisting, lifting heavy objects, and sudden shar movements can tear these muscles, which is like a domino effect that leads to lower back pain.

A herniated disc is another common cause of lower back pain, which can also cause sciatica. Essentially, when this happens, nerve roots in your lower spine become compressed, causing a pain and numbness to travel through that part of the back. Prolonged sitting can worsen the situation, which is why there are so many office workers who suffer from pain in their lower back.

When is Chiropractic Treatment Needed?

Fortunately, chiropractic treatment can provide you with a non-invasive solution to your lower back problems. If you suffer from limited mobility, have constant pain, and/or periods of severe muscle spasms, you could benefit from Dr. Tieri’s professional chiropractic services.

What Will My Treatment Plan Consists Of?

Spinal manipulation, or spinal adjustment, aims to correct the position of your spine so that the irritability or surrounding nerves is reduced. By relieveing the nerves of your lower back from this pressure, you may find that your pain is reduced and your mobility is restored. Massage therapy, neruomuscular re-education, rehabilitative therapy, intersegmental traction and at home stretching and strengthening programs are often also incorporated into treatment protocol to provide a holistic approach to healing.

What Can I Expect For My First Adjustment?

Admittedly, it can be a  little intimidating to go to your first adjustment if you don’t know what to expect. Prior to any treatment, a thorough consultation, examination, and often x-rays are performed to pinpoint the underlying cause of your condition and to determine if chiropractic care is right for you. To learn more about spinal adjustments for lower back pain, and what your treatment plan might look like, contact Total Spine Health and Injury Center.


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Words from our patients

“Dr. Tieri is everything you would ever want in a chiropractor – he’s knowledgable, caring, and has an excellent technique that gets results. I highly recommend him!

Emma H.


“I had almost given up hope that I would ever feel good again, but I do now & it is all thanks to Total Spine and Dr Tieri. They are great people!”

Lauren C.


“My family and I receive excellent care from Dr. Brent Tieri. We all have very different needs and Dr. Tieri is able to “adjust” to all of our differences!”

Florence L.


“Dr. Tieri and his staff are wonderful! The make you feel welcomed from the moment you walk in the door, and truly care about your overall health and wellness.”

Jenna B.



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