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Sciatica is an extremely common condition that affects thousand of Americans every year. Dr. Tieri and his Total Spine Health and Injury Center team, serving Plymouth and Maple Grove, MN, provide individualized and comprehensive treatment plans to their patients who suffer from sciatica-related pain.

“At Total Spine, I’ve finally found a chiropractor I can trust.”


– Vilma H.

“THIS is my chiropractic home and I recommend them very highly.”


– Julie S.

“I have not had a single tension headache in over a month – since my first adjustment.”


– Jenna B.

“Dr. Tieri is awesome, he knows what he’s talking about and really cares.”


– Steph M.

Sciatica Q & A

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica – you’ve probably heard the term before, but few know what all this condition entails. Essentially sciatica, which can also be referred to as sciatic neuralgia, is the pain that radiates out from the sciatic nerve. The nerve is the longest in the body, and it can affect the back, buttocks, and even down through the legs, causing pain, numbness, and a feeling of weakness.

What are the Symptoms of Sciatica?

Aside from the obvious pain that occurs in the lower back with this condition, there are also other symptoms that can result due to sciatica. Oftentimes, those that have an irritated sciatic nerve will also experience pain or numbness in the buttocks and one or both of the legs. The pain can even radiate all the way down to the feet and toes.

A tingling sensation or sharp and shooting pains can also travel through these areas of the body, making prolonged sitting and standing a challenge. Dr. Tieri will address the symptoms you are having, in order to create an effective treatment plan specific to you.

How Can Sciatica Be Treated?

With the proper chiropractic care from Total Spine Health and Injury Center, your sciatica pains will be addressed after your symptoms have been evaluated. By using proven techniques, Dr. Tieri will work to realign your spine and relieve your sciatic nerve of the pressure that’s causing your pain. Contact Total Spine Health and Injury Center today to learn more about how your spine and disc alignment can be improved to rid your lower back of pain.


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Words from our patients

“Dr. Tieri is everything you would ever want in a chiropractor – he’s knowledgable, caring, and has an excellent technique that gets results. I highly recommend him!

Emma H.


“I had almost given up hope that I would ever feel good again, but I do now & it is all thanks to Total Spine and Dr Tieri. They are great people!”

Lauren C.


“My family and I receive excellent care from Dr. Brent Tieri. We all have very different needs and Dr. Tieri is able to “adjust” to all of our differences!”

Florence L.


“Dr. Tieri and his staff are wonderful! The make you feel welcomed from the moment you walk in the door, and truly care about your overall health and wellness.”

Jenna B.



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