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Wellness Care Maple Grove. Feeling sick should not be the first indicator for you to come into a Maple Grove chiropractic clinic. Far too many people wait until they are sick to begin taking the necessary steps towards a healthy life and lifestyle. The belief that health is simply the absence of pain or disease is a common misconception that leads many of us to never reach our full health potential. Despite common opinion, it is possible to live a pain-free life, feel better as we get older, and to avoid some of the common ailments like headaches, neck pain, and back pain that so many of us think are a "normal" part of life. This article is intended to reveal some of the most common beliefs about health and showcase how chiropractic care at Total Spine Health & Injury Center is essential to your wellness care plan.


The simple truth, is that most people don't take a proactive interest in their health until they're experiencing symptoms. The same is true for chiropractic care, as most of us don't tend to seek out treatment unless we feel that something is "wrong". This can be unfortunate, as most underlying disease operates silently and imbalances in our spine can long precede the presentation of symptoms. Many of us believe that we are in a state of good health, only to realize later on that we have adapted and normalized a less than optimal baseline for our life.

Even when feeling well, there are additional things that can be done to improve our overall level of wellness. Along with the other lifestyle modifications we make to boost our health, like eating well and exercising, regular chiropractic care is another way to support our health. Chiropractic treatment in Maple Grove is the ideal supplement to raise our baseline level of health. The physical benefits of chiropractic care include increased mobility, decreased muscle tightness, reduced pain, and better flexibility. Our Maple Grove chiropractor also helps the body operate more effectively and efficiently by removing stress from the nervous system, helping regulate hormone production, improving circulation, and facilitating detoxification.


Poor health is not always associated with feelings of pain or sickness. Health is defined as the optimal or proper functioning of the body. Although you may not feel anything today, there could still be a loss of potential if the nervous system is not efficiently sending messages to the other parts of the body. Wellness care programs that focus on the spine allow people to have more energy and adaptability. A nervous system operating at its full potential opens up many doors for an individual's health and with a spine that is properly aligned, many bodily functions will benefit. Improved functions can include, physical performance, mental focus, immune function, and pain elimination.


Chiropractic care focuses on keeping the nervous system healthy and running at its best. It is a great choice to add to a wellness plan. Implementing careful adjustments to your plan will make sure that your lifestyle will not be impacted over time from your current day to day tasks. Chiropractic care is also capable of detecting issues before they get serious through comprehensive examinations of your physical state and your health history. If you're looking to improve your well-being or if you're in the best health of your life and simply want to take it to a new level, call (763) 568-7869 or contact our team at Total Spine Health & Injury Center and start your chiropractic journey in Maple Grove today.

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