Sciatica Pain Treatment

Sciatica Pain Treatment

Sciatica Pain Treatment in Maple Grove

Sciatica Pain Treatment Maple Grove, MN. Do not accept the limitations and discomfort that come with sciatica. When you begin to feel sharp pain or tingling and numbness down your lower back through your leg, seek sciatica pain treatment right away. Dr. Brent Tieri and the Total Spine Health and Injury Center team in Maple Grove offer safe and effective chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and other treatment methods that can successfully address the underlying cause of your sciatica and correct your muscles and joints to give you long-term relief from sciatic nerve pain. Schedule an evaluation today and learn what to expect at your first appointment when you see our Maple Grove, MN chiropractor for sciatica pain treatment or speak to one of our helpful associates about your sciatica and the right treatment options for you at 763-568-7869 now.  

Sciatica Pain Treatment: What is Sciatica?

Sciatica, as anyone who has experienced it will tell you, is painful. Pain from sciatica radiates along the sciatic nerve, which goes from the lower back through the hips and posterior, down the back of each leg. Typically, a patient with sciatica will experience symptoms only on one side. Sciatica itself is not a diagnosis, which is where many people get confused. In fact, the term sciatica describes a set of symptoms related to the sciatic nerve that are caused by an underlying medical condition. Those symptoms — which include pain in the lower back, buttock and leg; numbness or weakness in lower back, buttock, leg, or foot; loss of movement; a sensation of "pins and needles" or stabbing — are not to be confused with general low back pain, which does not extend down into the buttock, legs, or feet. If you are experiencing any level of pain in the sciatic nerve area or any of the additional symptoms we've listed here, reach out to your Maple Grove chiropractor today. Dr. Brent Tieri and the team at Total Spine Health and Injury Center have successfully treated many patients in Maple Grove with complaints of sciatica pain and other back pain, nerve conditions, pain in the extremities, loss of movement, and other similar complaints. Trust us with your sciatica pain treatment and ongoing quality chiropractic care in the Maple Grove area. Begin today at (763) 568-7869.  

Common Causes of Sciatica Pain

Most instances of sciatica are caused, in one way or another, by the irritation or inflammation of the sciatic nerve. These cases are nearly always successfully resolved with chiropractic sciatica pain treatment. Other cases, when the sciatica is a result of direct compression of the sciatic nerve, may call for a more invasive treatment such as surgery. When you see a chiropractor or any other type of doctor in Maple Grove for your sciatica pain treatment, they should first evaluate your overall health and examine your condition. When you see our Maple Grove chiropractor for sciatica pain treatment, we tailor your treatment to your precise needs and goals, taking to account your medical history, lifestyle, and diagnoses. We create a chiropractic sciatica pain treatment plan that is right for you and allows you to reclaim the life you want to live, free from sciatic nerve pain. Often, patients with conditions such as sciatica pain do not know what caused their pain to begin with. Whether you suffered an acute injury while playing sports or being active or woke up one day with sharp pains down your left leg that you can't explain, our Maple Grove chiropractors have the up-to-date chiropractic knowledge and years of clinical experience you should look for when deciding on the best sciatica pain treatment for you. sciatica pain treatment chiropractic Maple Grove | Maple Grove chiropractor for sciatica pain treatment  

Chiropractic Sciatica Pain Treatment

The severity of sciatica pain and its accompanying symptoms can fall anywhere on a vast scale, from mild discomfort to severe and debilitating pain accompanied by serious complications such as loss of control of bladder and bowel. If your symptoms fall on the latter end of the scale, contact your doctor immediately to find out what kind of emergency sciatica pain treatment is appropriate for your needs. For all other sciatica-related symptoms, turn to the personalized approach of Total Spine Health and Injury Center's chiropractors and massage therapists. For safe corrective care that will help return you to optimal movement as quickly as possible, schedule your first chiropractic session for sciatica pain treatment in Maple Grove today. Except in the most severe cases involving numbness and loss of movement, the recommended course of treatment for sciatica pain is to begin with conservative methods, as they are often successful. There are a number of non-surgical treatment options out there for sciatica pain: hot and cold applications, NSAIDs and other medications, stretches and strengthening exercises, acupuncture...the list goes on. One of the best options for the majority of individuals looking for sciatica pain treatment is chiropractic care. Are you dubious that a so-called "alternative" medicine like chiropractic could effectively address your sciatica symptoms? Our Maple Grove chiropractors have had immense success treating individuals with sciatica pain and effectively alleviating significant pain in patients with all kinds of conditions. In addition to manual therapies and other treatment strategies, we prioritize a holistic approach to wellness and help you understand how to care for yourself in a way that puts your health and mobility first. We have many patients who came to us for an acute condition but are now biweekly regulars because they benefited so much from chiropractic care.  

Why Choose Chiropractic for Sciatica Pain Treatment?

You may see the suggestion of surgery come up in your research for the right sciatica pain treatment. Though there are cases for which surgery may be a practical consideration or only option for sciatica pain treatment (such as in long-term chronic sciatica pain sufferers or those who lose control over muscles and movement), the vast majority of sciatica patients can benefit from chiropractic care and simple home exercises. Chiropractic for sciatica pain treatment has found to be effective and safe for treating the majority of sciatica cases and the chiropractors at Total Spine Health and Injury Center have treated hundreds of patients in the Maple Grove area, expertly leading them to optimal mobility and comfort. If you are living with unbearable sciatica pain that is preventing you from living your life normally, turn to Total Spine Health and Injury Center and begin your journey to wellness and relief from sciatica pain. Visiting a chiropractor works as an effective sciatica pain treatment strategy on multiple levels. Manual adjustments to the spine can immediately take the pressure off the sciatic nerve and instantly reduce your pain. Manipulations stimulate blood flow throughout the body and foster a healthy immune system. Regular chiropractic care loosens and retrains the muscles to help protect the proper alignment of your spine and other joints. Chiropractic and massage therapy treatments actually encourage the body to work to heal itself. With the right combination of spine manipulations and other chiropractic treatment methods such as ultrasound, spinal decompression therapy, and at-home stretches and exercises, you have a great chance of experiencing lasting relief and reclaiming the active and healthy life you want.

Get Sciatica Pain Treatment in Maple Grove Today

As sciatica pain emerges and persists, it is easy to lose hope that anything short of surgery could relieve you of the intense, radiating pain. Chiropractic care is a proven-effective sciatica pain treatment method that is capable of correcting the underlying cause of the sciatic nerve pain. For quality chiropractic adjustments and wellness coaching in a clean, modern setting, choose Total Spine Health and Injury Center in Maple Grove, MN. Do not subject yourself to months of excruciating, untreated sciatica pain and other disabling symptoms. Receive chiropractic treatment from an experienced Maple Grove chiropractor who has safely restored hundreds of patients with sciatica and other limiting and painful conditions to optimal health. Dr. Brent Tieri and the Total Spine Health and Injury Center team offer personalized, targeted chiropractic care, massage therapy, and other treatment services to help you maintain or restore your movement health. Schedule your first sciatica pain treatment appointment online now or speak to one of our chiropractic professionals directly at 763-568-7869. In our capable hands, meaningful relief from sciatica is within reach.