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Back Pain Treatment in Maple Grove, MN

Back Pain Treatment Maple Grove. If you are suffering from recurring back pain in Maple Grove, chiropractic treatment at Total Spine Health & Injury Center could be the right solution for you. Back pain usually affects everyone at some point in their life whether it be on a large or small scale. Back pain can range in intensity from a minor annoyance to unbearable, affecting the day to day tasks of a person. No matter the level of pain your back is causing you, we can all agree that it would be better to live pain free. The goal of this article is to provide insight regarding the origin of lower back pain and the approach a chiropractor will take in order to ensure your back is once again strong and healthy. Our Maple Grove chiropractor can help with back pain symptoms.


When referring to the back, you are referencing a large area of the human body containing many tendons, muscles, bones, and discs. A large understanding of these body parts paired with treatment experience makes it easier to pinpoint the source of pain. Below are a few symptoms for common conditions along with how chiropractic care can benefit you. We advise those suffering from back pain to come into our office for a more accurate diagnosis from an experienced professional.


A disc bulge or herniation stems from the outer edges of the discs that are located in between the vertebrae. These outer edges become damaged, which leads to a gelatin-like mass squeezing out and creating a bulge. A disc herniation occurs when the gelatin-like substance spills out beyond the tough outer exterior of the disc. This often painful issue is more common than most people think. Despite this, it can often go undetected with some patients feeling no pain. The associated pain is determined by the size and location of the herniation or bulge within the spine and the relationship with the surrounding nerve structures. The damaged disc can potentially irritate nerves around it, which can cause radiating symptoms such as numbness, weakness, stabbing or shooting pain into the arms or legs.

Early detection and treatment of disc injuries is important as the risk of further damage is possible with this issue. Total Spine Health & Injury Center will completely and carefully examine your back in order to understand the intensity of your condition along with creating a customized treatment plan to stop the potentially worsening effects of a herniation and relieve the pain associated with it.


A subluxation is defined as a misalignment within the vertebral column. Stress, injury, and toxins can all be responsible for the misalignment. Generally speaking, subluxations can be painful and have the potential to affect the lifestyle and daily movements of an individual. Despite subluxations being one of the most overlooked back pain issues, a chiropractor is taught to use specific and effective methods and adjustment techniques in order to locate and precisely correct a misalignment.


A muscle strain, or what some refer to as a pulled muscle, occurs when a muscle is stretched too far or torn. Muscle strains are typically the result of overuse, improper use, or trauma. Though a muscle strain can occur in any muscle, they are most common in the lower back, neck, shoulders, and hamstrings. The back is particularly susceptible to these strains as stretching farther than normal or attempting to lift while twisting can both cause this issue. A sprain is the overstretching or tearing of a ligament, which is the soft tissue structure that connects one bone to another. Strains can vary in severity from mild to severe and can be the result of a repetitive injury or acute trauma such as a car accident. Muscle spasm, inflammation, pain, weakness, and bruising can all accompany both sprain and strain injuries. While muscle strains typically heal faster, ligament injuries almost never fully recover. Early and effective chiropractic treatment can provide relief and aid in healing for both muscle and ligament injuries.


Recurring stress can have harmful effects on the human body and is capable of producing back pain and other associated symptoms. As stress hormones are released throughout the body, back pain can arise as the hormones produce tension and muscle spasms. The tension can often accumulate in areas known as trigger points. Chiropractors and therapeutic massage therapists have been trained to eliminate the stress from these trigger points. A personalized approach will be created in order to eliminate the recurrence of this pain and stress.


There are a variety of issues that can be responsible for back pain. Lower back pain can originate from underlying conditions such as obesity, arthritis, kidney stones or a urinary tract infection. These conditions can be harmful if left untreated and early treatment is important to prevent long-term health issues. Chiropractors in Maple Grove have been taught to evaluate the cause of your lower back pain and determine if chiropractic treatment is right for you. Our relationships with other specialists in the Maple Grove area allow us to refer to the appropriate doctor when needed.

Please contact us at Total Spine Health & Injury Center with questions regarding your condition and what we can do to help.

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