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Chiropractor Maple Grove MN

Welcome to Total Spine Health and Injury Center in Maple Grove, MN. At our office, our Maple Grove chiropractor offers a unique approach to health and pain relief, which not only focuses on getting you feeling great as quickly as possible, but also aims to set you up for optimal health for years to come. And the best part is that we do it all while avoiding things like pain pills, injections, or surgery.

Total Spine Health & Injury Center

When searching for a chiropractor in Maple Grove, it’s not only important that the treatment is effective, but that it’s easy and convenient as well. Our Maple Grove chiropractic office is located on the northwest corner of the intersection of 494 and Bass Lake Road in Maple Grove, MN. We are directly across the parking lot from “The Original Pancake House” (which we’ve come to discover is all that many of us need in terms of directions).

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How can chiropractic care in Maple Grove help you?

Most people are under the impression that chiropractic care is only for back pain. This is a common misconception as issues such as carpal tunnel, work injuries, auto injuries and many others can be treated through a chiropractic-based approach.

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What Sets Us Apart From Other Offices

It’s no secret that there are a number of Maple Grove Chiropractors. So what separates our office from other chiropractic offices in Maple Grove? You’ll notice the difference right away from the ease of scheduling your first appointment all the way to receiving your first treatment.

Our focus on giving the highest quality hands-on care along with cutting edge diagnostic technology is what makes us different from most chiropractors in Maple Grove, MN. Through a combination of Digital X-Ray and our unique Motion Study Analysis we are able to not only detect underlying structural problems, but underlying functional problems of the spine as well. This initial analysis sets the stage for a specific treatment approach that not only maximizes pain relief in the short term, but focuses on long term correction.

Specific Gonstead, Thompson, Diversified and Activator adjustments, in combination with supportive therapies including intersegmental traction, heat therapy, therapeutic exercise, and therapeutic massage therapy, provides an approach that helps you and your family achieve the highest levels of pain-free health and wellness; levels that you perhaps never even imagined or thought were impossible.

  1. Many people think that the only reason to see a Maple Grove chiropractor is for pain relief. The reality though, is that regardless of whether you are experiencing symptoms like neck pain, back pain, sciatica, or migraines, everyone can benefit from chiropractic care. Pain relief is really just the starting point for most people on their wellness journey. Chiropractic care is a key component in achieving optimal performance and peak levels of vitality.
  2. Unfortunately, treatment at our Maple Grove chiropractic office isn’t a magic pill, in fact, any true application of chiropractic treatment should offer more than a “quick crack”. To maximize the benefits of chiropractic treatment, a series of adjustments is often required that provides not only the short term pain relief that many of us are looking for, but also the long term correction that is vital to true changes in our health. Far too often, chiropractors in Maple Grove aren’t willing to discuss the corrective treatment options that can lead to lasting results and instead force their patients to settle for a quick fix.
  3. All chiropractic adjustments and treatments are not created equally. One of the things that makes chiropractic treatment amazing is that there is a unique combination between science and art. An effective chiropractor not only understands a patient’s underlying anatomy and physiology, but also needs to be able to skillfully deliver the right chiropractic adjustment that not only provides the desired result, but is also comfortable for the patient. Just like with many professions, there are great chiropractors and there are not so great chiropractors. Take the time to discover the Maple Grove chiropractor that is right for you.
  4. Some chiropractors in Maple Grove and Plymouth find that X-Ray analysis isn’t required for an effective assessment of a patient’s condition. Proper X-Ray analysis provides detailed structural findings that simply can’t be identified during an exam. X-Rays are also much more reliable and reproducible than some of the computer and nervous system scans that many Maple Grove chiropractic offices utilize.
  5. It should go without saying, but the chiropractic adjustment should be at the center of any effective chiropractic treatment plan. Treatments including stretching, massage therapy, nutrition advice, etc...should be recommended in conjunction with a chiropractic treatment program.

Our Maple Grove chiropractic office has been helping the residents of the west metro area reach higher levels of pain-free health and wellness since 2010. Through our effective treatment approach, we help patients find relief from their headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, middle back pain, shoulder pain, and sciatica as well as offer chiropractic care for those of us who have been injured in an auto accident or work incident. Dr. Tieri has completed extensive training in whiplash and brain injury traumatology and has specialized knowledge in the comprehensive case management of whiplash and related disorders from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego.

In addition to the more traditional chiropractic conditions, we also help many of our patients increase their energy, improve their immune system, sleep better, and increase athletic performance. It’s our unique approach to pain-free health and wellness that gives us the ability to help a wide variety of cases and also why our patients love us so much!

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If you’re looking for pain-free health and wellness and you’re unsure where to turn, we encourage you to check out the team at Total Spine Health and Injury Center in Maple Grove MN. From the advanced techniques of the chiropractor (including Gonstead, Diversified, Thompson, and Activator techniques) to the therapeutic hands of our skilled massage therapist, you will notice the difference at our Maple Grove chiropractic office.

It will be a great decision for your health, for your wellness, and for any symptoms you may have. At Total Spine, we’re here to serve you, make you a part of our chiropractic family, all while helping you make your health and wellness goals a reality!

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