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What To Expect From Your First Visit

What to Expect from your First Chiropractic Visit

Know What To Expect. We all know that our day one experience at a doctor's office can vary greatly depending on the clinic, doctor, and their overall treatment approach. The same variation holds true for chiropractic offices in Maple Grove as well. At Total Spine Health & Injury Center, we want your experience to be great from the start.

If you need chiropractic care in the Maple Grove area, we can help. Dr. Brent Tieri and the Total Spine Health and Injury team focus on corrective care that targets the source of your pain or limitations while also addressing your overall health and wellness. Get quality chiropractic treatment to help you reach optimal health in a comfortable, modern environment. Before visiting our Maple Grove chiropractic office for your first visit, it can be helpful to understand the first-day procedures that take place at Total Spine, why they're important, and what you can expect on your first visit.

Ready to take the first step toward wellness, pain relief, and mobility? Schedule your first chiropractic appointment in Maple Grove, MN today or learn more about what Total Spine Health & Injury Center can do for you by reading on below.


What To Expect from your First Chiropractic Visit in Maple Grove

  1. New Patient Intake Form: At Total Spine Health and Injury Center, this is a simple intake form that serves to collect your basic personal information, health history, and information about your primary complaint. Whether you have back pain, neck pain, or headaches, the primary complaint is the pain or symptoms that an individual is experiencing and the most common reason people step foot in our office. This intake forms are available online and serve as a great starting point when creating a baseline for your health as well as in determining your short-term and long-term health goals.
  2. Consultation: Once the initial intake paperwork is complete, it's now time to meet with the chiropractor. Additional questions about your health history will be asked, with a primary focus being placed on the current health complaint that concerns you the most. Common questions will include: Mode of Onset? Intensity? Duration? Getting better or worse? Radiating? History? Medications? Other treatment options explored? Results? And that is simply to name a few - the primary objective of the consultation is to allow the doctor to become more familiar with the symptoms you are experiencing.
  3. Examination: Isn't it amazing that with traditional western medicine we could go into a doctor's office with low back pain and never have the doctor actually touch or look at our back? The examination portion of the visit is often the most important - this is where the chiropractor is able to actually feel and assess what's going on. A detailed and skilled spinal examination is the primary tool that chiropractors use to assess the spine for misalignment - this should be done by hand and does not require tools, computers, or other instruments. Additional orthopedic, neurological, and palpation tests may also be performed to assess your neck pain, headaches, sciatica or other common conditions that often motivate an individual to seek our chiropractic treatment.
  4. X-Rays: This is a part of the examination procedure and a vital piece to determining the underlying structure of the spine and knowing if any other factors may affect the treatment plan or outcome of a particular case. The majority of patients should receive x-rays prior to any chiropractic work being performed. This allows the chiropractor to be comfortable with the technique that they are using as well as gives the patient an understanding of the underlying problem.
  5. Treatment: In many cases, no treatment is performed on the first day. The sole purpose of day one is to collect information to determine if chiropractic care is right for you. In some cases where a patient is experiencing acute pain, a treatment may be done on day one, but this is determined on a case by case basis.

That's it! This is the process you can expect from your first visit to our Maple Grove chiropractic office. People tell us all the time how thorough our first-day procedures are, and that is done by design. In order to give you the responsible, impactful care you need, we must start with a complete evaluation that allows us to understand your condition and tailor your treatment to your needs. Remember, healing will take time and it all starts with a detailed exam, history, and a solid set of x-rays.

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In addition to providing safe and effective corrective care and wellness guidance in the Maple Grove area, we have made the patient experience a priority at our chiropractic practice in Maple Grove. You can expect comfortable one-on-one care, a cool and modern office setting, and a total investment in your quality of life. Contact us today or call us at (763) 568-7869 to learn what we can do to help you.

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