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Maple Grove Chiropractor Workout Tips – Better Workouts, Shorter Time

Posted on June 17, 2021 in: chiropractic care, health, Uncategorized

Maple Grove Chiropractor Workout Tips -
Better Workouts, Shorter Time

Workouts and chiropractic visits share a common characteristic in the fact that the length of your visit or the length of your workout doesn't necessarily improve with increased time. We all know that everyone is pressed for time these days and squeezing in a 2-hour workout just isn't in the cards; fortunately, shortened workouts with increased intensity often provide a higher benefit than most of the boring strength training and cardio workouts that we typically see. Take a look at the following guidelines to see how your Maple Grove chiropractor isn't only improving the health of your spine, but also can add a boost to your workouts.

Tips for A Better Workout in Maple Grove MN

  1. Exercise both your upper and lower body at the same time: Compound movements that require the use of the entire body not only save time but also use more energy and stimulate more muscle growth simultaneously. When at the gym, stay away from machines and focus on more core and functional training movements. Movements such as deadlifts, cleans, burpees, mountain climbers, pull-ups and push-ups, should all be a cornerstone of any quality workout.
  2. Incorporate high-intensity, interval training: Shorter, more intense workouts have been shown to be far more effective than longer, less intense workouts. The key is to combine both a strength training program and a cardio program together for maximum benefit; 30-60 second bursts of maximum energy expenditure will push your body to the limits. When incorporating the proper exercises it will increase overall cardio, strength, metabolism, speed, flexibility, and endurance. Typically 15-30 minutes of circuit training will provide a great workout for people of all health and fitness levels.
  3. Variety is Essential: Make sure you are changing up your workouts. This means that choosing different lifts, different reps, different rest periods, and different overall circuits are a must for the greatest benefit. On some days do a circuit for time while other days complete a program based solely on reps; this variation acts to confuse the muscles and helps break through and avoid plateauing with your fitness.
  4. Avoid Spine loading exercises: This means that lifts like seated military press, squats, good mornings, or heavy bench press are unnecessary. These types of lifts wreak havoc on the spine and bony structures of the body. This added force unnaturally loads the vertebra, discs, and surrounding tissues which can lead to early arthritis and degenerative changes. Lifts like standing presses, deadlifts, and push-ups provide an equally difficult workout if applied correctly, without the increased risk for injury or complications.
  5. Crank up the tunes - Listening to music actually makes your workout harder and faster. Listen to fast music to get you pumped up for your workout and you will subconsciously hit things at a higher intensity!
  6. Train for Function: Isolation exercises are a thing of the past; incorporate full body movements that engage the core and mimic movements that we do every day.

For more exercise and health tips, check out Total Spine Health and Injury Center today. Our Maple Grove chiropractor approaches your health holistically and can help you take your health and fitness to a whole new level. Check us out online or call our office at 763-568-7869!