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Maple Grove Chiropractor Shares Top Benefits Of Maintaining An Active Lifestyle

Posted on April 1, 2021 in: chiropractic care, Uncategorized

Maple Grove Chiropractor Shares Top Benefits
Of Maintaining An Active Lifestyle

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Most of us are well aware that physical activity is a key component to a healthy lifestyle. Getting enough proper movement throughout the day is not only vital to our physical health, but also to our mental health. Maintaining a high level of physical activity helps to increase quality of life, helps us stay independent into our elderly years, and can even impact our mental ability and memory. And beyond that, there are some even greater reasons and benefits to maintaining a physically active lifestyle with regular exercise.

  • Improve your Mood: Maybe you've had a stressful day at the office or a rough time at home with the kids; a brief 30 minute workout can change your mood almost instantly. Various chemicals and neurotransmitters are released in the body as a result of physical activity, making it almost impossible to not have a change of heart following a good gym session. You'll also look and feel better with regular exercise, which can also serve to boost your self-image and self-confidence.
  • Prevent Chronic Disease: Regular physical activity has been shown to decrease the risk for many chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. Be sure, to walk, run and lift your way to higher levels of health.
  • Weight Management: Regular exercise along with a natural, lean diet is the key to maintaining an optimal bodyweight. Engaging in physical activity burns more calories than sitting on the couch and as you build muscle through resistance training, it also serves to increase your resting metabolic rate.
  • Boost Energy Levels: Physical training increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients that are delivered to the tissues. It also helps to eliminate toxins which are a constant strain on the energy systems of the body. A skilled chiropractor can also help improve posture, which will also serve to increase energy levels throughout the day.
  • Improve quality of sleep and sleep patterns: Working out can help you fall asleep faster and restore normal sleep cycles, so that when you are sleeping you are getting the highest quality of sleep possible.
  • Reduce Stress: Exercise decreases the release of stress-related hormones in the body such as cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine. These stress hormones are also immune suppressant, which means that you will have an increased chance of fighting off illness and disease as a result of regular exercise.

How Can a Maple Grove Chiropractor help?

Of course, in addition to physical activity it's important to maintain our body, and chiropractic treatment in Maple Grove can play a vital role. Regular chiropractic adjustments will maintain and increase overall flexibility and mobility of the joints and tissues and contribute to even higher levels of physical performance.

Total Spine Health and Injury Center is the leading chiropractic office in Maple Grove MN. Dr. Tieri is a chiropractor with an exercise science background and an increased level of skill for incorporating high levels of physical fitness into treatment and rehabilitation programs. Check us out online or call our office today!