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Work Injuries Treatment in Maple Grove, MN

Work Injuries Treatment Maple Grove. Amazingly, many work injuries can be treated by the best chiropractor in Maple Grove. Work injuries can occur as both an isolated event or from repetitive stress and overuse in certain parts of the body. You run the potential risk of work injuries regardless of your occupation. Most importantly work injuries can, and should, be treated before the pain becomes unbearable and needs surgery or develops into a condition that is untreatable. The article that follows includes risk factors for work injuries and explains how Total Spine Health & Injury Center is able to help you heal from a work injury.


From sitting at a desk all day long, to driving a truck, to lifting and moving heavy equipment, there is no shortage of opportunities for injuries to occur at the workplace. Common work injuries include:

  • Repetitive stress and overuse injuries: From working at a computer all day and typing to carrying large boxes while bending over, even the simplest tasks can result in pain and injury. Even with perfect posture, stress from repetitive work can cause lasting pain or chronic issues over time. Examples of common overuse injuries include: carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, back pain, arthritis, frozen shoulder, and sciatica.
  • Falling: Falling down the stairs, slipping on a wet floor, or taking a misstep on a construction site are all common workplace injuries. Injuries suffered from a fall injury may include: sprains and strains, fractured or broken bones, spinal injuries, cuts or bruises, back and neck injuries, whiplash, traumatic brain injuries, and nerve damage.
  • Falling object injuries: The risk of injury from a falling object can vary greatly by profession. Falling objects can produce injuries such as neck pain, back pain, headaches, and traumatic brain injuries,
  • Overexertion: Overexertion injuries are the second most common cause of work-related injuries. These types of injuries often occur in professions that require heavy pushing, pulling, lifting, holding, and carrying. These mechanisms of injury can result in soft tissue damage to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments as well as damage to the bones and discs of the spine.


It’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible following an injury. Prompt treatment will ensure that you receive the proper treatment required for your injuries. Leaving injuries or other health problems untreated can often lead to further complications and injury. Chiropractic should be the first choice of treatment for those individuals who are looking to treat the cause of the problem rather than simply masking their symptoms through the use of medication.

Chiropractic treatment is a great option for work injuries for those living in Maple Grove, MN. In fact, the chiropractic and massage therapy techniques used are completely drug-free and can promote improved healing while providing pain relief. Rather than only managing the symptoms, chiropractic care focuses on treating the cause of the pain.


Chiropractors have great success when it come to treating work related injuries. The care that chiropractors are able to offer is non-invasive and safe. Chiropractic treatment at Total Spine Health & Injury Center can promote faster healing, increase overall mobility and flexibility, improve your physical and mental outlook and even help you prevent further injuries in the future.

In order to pinpoint the source of the injury, the chiropractor will complete a thorough examination. Afterwards, our Maple Grove chiropractor will create a personalized plan to ensure you experience effective relief that lasts. Call the team at Total Spine Health & Injury Center in Maple Grove today to find relief from your pain or prevent a future work injury.

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