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Chiropractor In Maple Grove Talks Scoliosis

Posted on June 24, 2021 in: health, Uncategorized

People Are Sitting Too Much in Maple Grove

When you look at the spine from the front or the back, it should be straight as an arrow and from the side it should have three separate and distinct curves. When an excessive side to side, or lateral curvature is present in the spine, it is identified as scoliosis. Many times, it is seen as unimportant; however, it is without argument that a spine with scoliosis differs in function and mechanics when compared to a normal spine. At our Maple Grove Chiropractic office we typically see patients with both degenerative scoliosis as well as functional scoliosis.

Degenerative scoliosis most often occurs in older adults (though it is beginning to show up in younger and younger individuals) and is the result of degenerative or arthritic changes of the vertebrae and discs.

Functional scoliosis or idiopathic scoliosis is most common in younger individuals and tends to progress during growth spurts and as the person ages (of course, this is without being properly addressed). From a medical perspective, there are typically three ways that scoliosis is approached during treatment.

  1. Take no action and wait to see if the condition worsens over time as the spine changes and develops.
  2. Have the child wear a brace to accommodate normal growth.
  3. Surgically insert steel rods along the spine.

How Our Maple Grove Chiropractor Can Help

At Total Spine Health and Injury Center we have a different approach. Our treatment always begins with a detailed set of spinal x-rays to visualize the underlying condition of the spine and to assess any complicating factors that may be present, such as scoliosis. This allows for earlier detection and diagnosis of many asymptomatic conditions. As degenerative changes can take place so quickly, earlier detection is a major key in successful treatment.

With many cases treated at our office, our patients report significantly decreased pain and greatly
improved spinal flexibility and range of motion. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitative exercise and intersegmental traction address the surrounding soft tissue factors and help to support the adjustments. Obvious goals in treatment are initial pain relief and then continued symptomatic and functional improvement into the future.

At Total Spine, our proactive approach corrects underlying spinal weakness before serious conditions develop down the road. It's important to remember, that by the time pain sets in, there are often underlying structural changes that cannot be entirely corrected.

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