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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is an integral piece to the complete pain management puzzle, providing relief to those who suffer from a variety of ailments. Dr. Tieri and his expert team at Total Spine Health and Injury Center, serving Plymouth and Maple Grove, MN, offer massage therapy in conjunction with other chiropractic services.

“At Total Spine, I’ve finally found a chiropractor I can trust.”


– Vilma H.

“THIS is my chiropractic home and I recommend them very highly.”


– Julie S.

“I have not had a single tension headache in over a month – since my first adjustment.”


– Jenna B.

“Dr. Tieri is awesome, he knows what he’s talking about and really cares.”


– Steph M.

Massage Therapy Q & A

What Defines Massage Therapy?

There are several different types of massage therapy, but they all aim to manipulate soft tissues and muscles to try and relieve the patient of chronic pain. Kneading, tapping, circular movements, and long strokes are all various motions that a licensed massage therapist, will use in order to concentrate on areas where the patient feels the most pain. Oftentimes, this type of therapy is used in addition to other treatments, to offer a holistic approach to the patient’s pain management. The massage therapists at Total Spine Health and Injury Center are trained in multiple massage techniques and can adjust treatment technique, treatment area, and pressure for each unique patient.

Which Symptoms Can Be Addressed with this Therapy?

Chronic neck and back pains are the primary conditions that are often addressed with massage therapy. Muscle “knots” can be worked out during massage therapy sessions to lessen pain that patients may be feeling. Some studies have shown that massage therapy can help lower blood pressure and even reduce feelings of depression and anxiety in some cases.

Another benefit to massage therapy is that the treatment is very non-invasive, with very few side effects in relation to taking medications. Of course, before any treatment plan is made, you and your doctor will work together to bild the odeal pain management plan to address your symptoms.

How Can I Benefit from Massage Therapy?

If you suffer from ongoing, chronic pain, you could likely benefit from massage therapy. Even athletes with sports-related injuries and those looking to improve their overall health and wellness have something to gain from massage therapy sessions. As previously stated, this type of therapy is usually used alongside other treatments, such as chiropractic care, in order to eliminate as much of your pain as possible.

By contacting Total Spine Health and Injury Center, you can find our more about massage therapy and how it can helpt to correct your aches and pains.


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Words from our patients

“Dr. Tieri is everything you would ever want in a chiropractor – he’s knowledgable, caring, and has an excellent technique that gets results. I highly recommend him!

Emma H.


“I had almost given up hope that I would ever feel good again, but I do now & it is all thanks to Total Spine and Dr Tieri. They are great people!”

Lauren C.


“My family and I receive excellent care from Dr. Brent Tieri. We all have very different needs and Dr. Tieri is able to “adjust” to all of our differences!”

Florence L.


“Dr. Tieri and his staff are wonderful! The make you feel welcomed from the moment you walk in the door, and truly care about your overall health and wellness.”

Jenna B.



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