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Chiropractor Near Me Shakopee, MN

Chiropractor Near Me Shakopee, MN. Finding the right Shakopee, MN chiropractor near you is no small undertaking. You may have many options to choose from, but how do you make a decision as important as a medical provider to treat you? At Total Spine Health and Injury Center in Maple Grove, we recognize that you have a choice when choosing a chiropractor, and we respect that it is an important decision. Our practice puts your best interests first by offering sound, unbiased information and guidance to our prospective patients. We let our clean and modern office, friendly and eager customer service, and clinical expertise reflect our patient-first approach.

Are you on the search for the best chiropractor near you in Shakopee, MN? Discover what makes Total Spine Health and Injury Center the easy choice for so many in need of a chiropractor in the Shakopee, MN area and learn if we are the best fit for you by contacting us today or scheduling your first appointment online now. Let us put our knowledge and years of success treating chiropractic patients to work for you right away near Shakopee, MN.

Choosing a Shakopee, MN Chiropractor Near Me

Whatever brings you to search for a "chiropractor near me" in Shakopee, MN, be sure you find the right fit for you. Your number one priority in looking for a chiropractor near you in the Shakopee, MN area should be finding someone you are comfortable with. Trust is critical; after all, you are literally putting your well-being in their hands.

Patients who choose Total Spine Health and Injury Center enjoy quality, evidence-based chiropractic care near Shakopee, MN based on each person's unique needs and goals. Get one-on-one care in our clean, modern, and comfortable facility from one of the leading chiropractors in the Shakopee, MN area. Dr. Brent Tieri and the Total Spine team will return you to optimal health and mobility through carefully planned and administered chiropractic care. Make your first appointment near Shakopee, MN now, prepare yourself for your first appointment, or talk to a chiropractor near Shakopee, MN today at (763) 568-7869.

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What Therapies Does a Chiropractor Near Me in Shakopee, MN Offer?

A good Shakopee, MN chiropractor can successfully help patients with a wide variety of complaints manage pain, improve their mobility, recover from injuries or surgery, and improve their overall health and wellness. Choose the Shakopee, MN chiropractor who has enough skill and clinical experience to determine your treatment needs and execute whatever chiropractic therapies will best treat the source of your pain, improve your mobility, or reach your other wellness goals.

Your chiropractor near Shakopee, MN should offer you a care plan that is created with your specific needs and goals in mind. Dr. Brent Tieri, your chiropractor near Shakopee, MN, is personally invested in your care and works with you to to design a unique care plan. Depending on your health history, x-ray results, and other information that we gather during your initial hands-on examination, you may receive any of the following types of treatments:

  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Adjustments
  • Spinal traction
  • Exercises and stretches
  • Heat or ice therapies
  • Electrical muscle stimulation
  • Massage therapy
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Nutritional counseling

When you request an appointment with a Total Spine Health and Injury Center chiropractor near you in Shakopee, MN, you can enjoy peace of mind that you are getting the right chiropractic treatments for your condition in a safe environment by a qualified and experienced professional.

Finding the Right Chiropractor Near Me in Shakopee, MN

Just like when you are searching for any other professional service provider, you have many choices in a Shakopee, MN chiropractor near you to treat you or your family. Choosing a new Shakopee, MN chiropractor can be challenging, especially if you have never seen a chiropractor before. Different doctors and office environments may be a better fit for certain people than others, but below are some tips for selecting the best chiropractor in Shakopee, MN for you.

Factors to Weigh When Choosing the Right Shakopee, MN Chiropractor Near Me

  1. Referrals

    One place to start your search for a great chiropractor near Shakopee, MN is with referrals and recommendations for a chiropractor near you. Your current providers, such as a primary care physician, surgeon, or physical therapist, may know of a good Shakopee, MN area chiropractor they trust. Friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers may be willing to share the name of a chiropractor they like as well. Recommendations from those close to you are a great place to begin when looking for a good chiropractor near Shakopee, MN.

  2. Reviews

    In our digital world, you can find reviews and testimonials for almost anything. Online health directories that offer a database of chiropractors and other medical providers, can be helpful tools. Once you have the name of a chiropractor you are interested in, you can also look for reviews from past patients. Total Spine Health and Injury Center is proud to have earned a high and growing number of five-star patient reviews and testimonials from patients we have worked with.

  3. Credentials

    Before putting your health and well-being in the hands of a medical provider, you will want to make sure that they are properly licensed to practice. In the United States, a chiropractor is required to earn a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree, obtain certification from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, and earn a license to practice in the state where they practice before they can treat patients. Total Spine Health and Injury Center's Dr. Brent Tieri is licensed and certified to practice as your chiropractor near Shakopee, MN.

  4. Consultation

    After you believe you have a good selection for your new chiropractor near the Maple Grove area, get a consultation — or a phone call, at least, with the prospective chiropractor before beginning treatment. Use this opportunity to get to know the doctor and decide for yourself if it is indeed a good match. In addition to planning questions to ask to interview the Shakopee, MN chiropractor, use this opportunity to examine the clinic. Are they professional and friendly? Is the treatment area clean, comfortable, and private? Does the doctor seem confident and knowledgeable on the complaints or conditions for which you are seeking treatment? Do they follow modern chiropractic principles and practices? Are they forthcoming about their practices and policies?

  5. Areas of Expertise

    Depending on your reason for seeking treatment from a chiropractor near you in Shakopee, MN, all chiropractors may not be equal. Chiropractor generally focus on the spine and perform spinal adjustments, but some have special training and experience in certain parts of the body or the treatment of certain conditions. Total Spine Health and Injury Center is a well-rounded chiropractic clinic near Shakopee, MN, offering a variety of treatments for a diverse number of conditions and complaints. Check out all of the treatment services we offer to discover what we can do to help you achieve optimal health and mobility. In addition to traditional chiropractic modalities, our chiropractor near Shakopee, MN offers education on therapeutic exercises, nutrition, and other wellness advice that can serve to improve your overall health.

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Whether you have previously worked with a chiropractor and need a new one now that you have moved to the Shakopee, MN area or have recently decided to explore the benefits of seeing a chiropractor to treat a new injury or chronic pain, Chiropractor Dr. Brent Tieri and the Total Spine Health and Injury Center team near Shakopee, MN are up to the task. Patients who have chosen to work with our chiropractic team have enjoyed great success in improving their mobility and reaching their wellness goals. Allow our chiropractor near you to do the same for you. Contact us today or make your first appointment now.