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Sciatica Pain Treatment in Hennepin County, MN

Sciatica Pain Treatment Hennepin County, MN. Do not accept the limitations and discomfort that come with sciatica. When you begin experiencing sharp pain or numbness and tingling that starts in your lower back and travels down the leg, seek sciatica pain treatment near Hennepin County, MN as soon as possible. Dr. Brent Tieri and the Total Spine Health and Injury Center team treat patients using safe, effective therapies such as chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy. Our treatment solutions can provide long-term relief and enhanced overall movement health by addressing the root cause of your sciatic nerve pain.

Schedule an evaluation today and learn what to expect at your first appointment when you see our Hennepin County, MN chiropractor for sciatica pain treatment or discuss the best course of action for your personal sciatica treatment journey by calling 763-568-7869 now.

Sciatica Pain Treatment Hennepin County, MN: Understanding Sciatica

Anyone who has ever experienced sciatica will tell you that it is more than a mild annoyance or minor pain. Pain from sciatica branches out from the sciatic nerve, which begins in the lower back and extends through the hips and posterior, down each leg. Typically, a patient with sciatica have symptoms on only one side.

Many people mistakenly believe that sciatica is a diagnosis in itself, but t hat is not the case. In reality, the term sciatica describes a set of symptoms related to the sciatic nerve that are caused by an underlying medical condition. Such symptoms — like pain, weakness, and numbness in the lower back, buttock, leg, or foot; loss of movement; a feeling of "pins and needles" or stabbing — distinguish sciatica from general low back pain and other back conditions that do not extend down into the buttock, legs, or feet.

If you are experiencing any level of pain in the sciatic nerve area or any of the additional symptoms we've listed here, reach out to your Hennepin County, MN chiropractor today. Dr. Brent Tieri and the team at Total Spine Health and Injury Center have guided countless Maple Grove patients to optimal physical health after having come to us with complaints of sciatica pain and other back pain, nerve conditions, pain in the extremities, loss of movement, and other similar complaints. Trust us with your sciatica pain treatment and ongoing quality chiropractic care in the Maple Grove area. Begin today at (763) 568-7869.

Common Sciatica Pain Causes

The vast majority of sciatica cases occur due to the irritation or inflammation of the sciatic nerve. These cases are nearly always successfully resolved with chiropractic sciatica pain treatment. Other cases, when the sciatica is a result of direct compression of the sciatic nerve, may call for a more drastic treatment such as surgery or injections.

When you see a chiropractor or any other type of doctor in Hennepin County, MN for your sciatica pain treatment, they should first evaluate your overall health and examine your condition. When you come to our Hennepin County, MN chiropractor for sciatica pain treatment, we tailor your treatment to your exact needs and goals, acknowledging your medical history, lifestyle, and diagnoses. We create the right Hennepin County, MN chiropractic sciatica pain treatment plan for you: one that allows you to move and function as you want to and live a life without the restrictions of sciatic nerve pain.

Many sciatica and other pain patients have no idea how their condition began. Whether you suffered an acute injury in a workplace accident or recently noticed an unexplained stabbing or tingling feeling in your lower back and left hip, trust your mobile health to our highly trained and experienced Hennepin County, MN chiropractors who are familiar with administering chiropractic as a sciatica pain treatment.

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Chiropractic Sciatica Pain Treatment Near Hennepin County, MN

The severity of sciatica pain and its accompanying symptoms can fall anywhere on a vast scale, from minor discomfort to significant and unbearable pain accompanied by serious complications such as loss of control of bladder and bowel. If you are experiencing such serious symptoms, contact your doctor as soon as possible to discover what available emergency sciatica pain treatment is best suited for your needs. For all other sciatica-related symptoms, turn to the thoughtful approach of Total Spine Health and Injury Center's chiropractors and massage therapists. For safe corrective care that will help return you to optimal movement as quickly as possible, make your first sciatica pain treatment with chiropractic near Hennepin County, MN today.

Except in the most severe cases involving numbness and loss of movement, sciatica pain treatment should start with conservative methods, because these methods almost always prove effective. You might come across a variety of treatment options for sciatica pain: ice or heat applications, medications like NSAIDs, stretches and strengthening exercises, acupuncture, etc. Fortunately, a chiropractor is one of the best medical professionals to see for sciatica pain treatment near Hennepin County, MN.

Are you dubious that a so-called "alternative" medicine like chiropractic could effectively address your sciatica symptoms? Our chiropractors in the Hennepin County, MN area have been successful in treating Hennepin County, MN patients with sciatica pain and providing meaningful pain relief and corrective care in patients with all manners of conditions. To support our manual therapies and other treatment approaches, we look at the bigger picture of wellness and give you guidance on how to reach your potential for a healthy body and existence. Many of our patients began as one-time patients but have continued visiting us regularly because they got so much good from seeing a Hennepin County, MN chiropractor.

Sciatica Pain Treatment: Our Treatment Services

Time and time again, Total Spine Health and Injury is successful in helping our Hennepin County, MN patients reclaim their bodies and maximize their movement health. If you are living with long-term pain, would like to optimize your performance as an athlete, or are desperate for lasting escape from regular headaches or other chronic pain conditions, our sleek and clean facility and talented Hennepin County, MN chiropractic and massage therapy staff will connect you with the best treatment for you. Learn about some of our services below.

Why Choose Chiropractic for Hennepin County, MN Sciatica Pain Treatment?

When trying to select the right sciatica pain treatment option for you, you will likely come across the mention of surgery. Though there are cases for which surgery could be a serious option or might be the only strategy left for sciatica pain treatment (such as in long-term chronic sciatica pain sufferers or those who lose control over muscles and movement), the vast majority of sciatica patients can benefit from Hennepin County, MN chiropractic care and simple exercises you can do on your own.

Evidence shows that chiropractic can be an immensely effective sciatica pain treatment and Total Spine Health and Injury Center chiropractors near Hennepin County, MN have given countless Hennepin County, MN area patients the ability to live in optimal movement ability and comfort. If you are living with unbearable sciatica pain that is preventing you from living your life normally, reach out to Total Spine Health and Injury Center near Hennepin County, MN and allow us to bring you into wellness and relief from sciatica pain.

A chiropractor can provide effective sciatica pain treatment in several ways. Manual spinal adjustments can quickly alleviate pressure from the sciatic nerve and instantly reduce your pain. Manipulations stimulate blood flow throughout the body and foster a healthy immune system. Regular chiropractic visits can loosen tight muscles and retrain them to help protect the proper alignment of your spine and other joints.

Chiropractic and massage therapy treatments benefit the body residually by encouraging the body to heal itself. With the right combination of spine manipulations and other chiropractic treatment methods such as ultrasound, spinal decompression therapy, and at-home stretches and exercises, you have a great chance of experiencing lasting relief and reclaiming the active and healthy life you want.

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As sciatica pain emerges and persists, it can feel as though there is no solution to the intense, radiating pain. Chiropractic care has been proven effective as a form of sciatica pain treatment and has the power to correct the underlying cause of the sciatic nerve pain. For safe, knowledgegable chiropractic care and lifestyle advisement in a clean, modern office near Hennepin County, MN, choose Total Spine Health and Injury Center in Maple Grove, MN.

You do not have to live with months of overpowering, untreated sciatica pain and other disabling symptoms. Get chiropractic treatment from a talented Hennepin County, MN chiropractor who has safely restored hundreds of Hennepin County, MN patients with painful conditions like sciatica to optimal health. Dr. Brent Tieri and the Total Spine Health and Injury Center team perform individualized chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and additional treatment services to help you maintain or restore your movement health. Schedule your first sciatica pain treatment appointment near Hennepin County, MN online now or discuss your needs with an associate directly at 763-568-7869. Put your sciatica recovery in our hands.